How do banks compete with the fintech industry? How do banks compete with the fintech industry?

How do banks compete with the fintech industry?

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In the latest episode of the VISIONERS podcast, hosted by Damian Wilke, the guest was Katarzyna Tomczyk-Czykier, Director of the Innovation and Digitalization Division of Retail Banking and Tribe Owner at Credit Agricole Bank Polska. The conversation focused on the future of banking, the role of innovation, and digitalization in the financial sector.


In today’s episode

    Speed and Security of Payments

    Katarzyna Tomczyk-Czykier emphasized that the area of payments and their speed is crucial for the vision of the future of banking. She pointed out that the transition to the virtual world might happen faster than we anticipate, and one of the important aspects of this transition is the elimination of cash.

    Importance of Regulations

    The guest highlighted that Credit Agricole ensures the safety of its clients by operating in a regulated market. Thanks to this, clients can be confident that they are not “buying a pig in a poke.” Katarzyna stressed that regulations are key to maintaining customer trust in the rapidly changing financial world. She also added that fintechs, although introducing innovative solutions, do not pose a competition to banks but rather can collaborate with them to jointly develop the financial sector.

    Digitalization in Retail Banking

    Katarzyna Tomczyk-Czykier also discussed the impact of digitalization on retail banking. She emphasized that technological innovations are indispensable for the future of banking. Credit Agricole focuses on developing digital solutions aimed at making it easier for clients to use banking services, increasing their security, and improving the quality of service.


    The podcast episode with Katarzyna Tomczyk-Czykier is a fascinating conversation about the future of banking, the importance of speed and security of payments, and the role of regulations and digitalization in the financial sector. Her experience and knowledge provide valuable insight into how innovations can shape the future of retail banking.

    If you want to learn more about how innovation and digitalization are impacting the banking sector, be sure to listen to this episode of the VISIONERS podcast.

    We invite you to listen to the entire episode to delve into these and many other topics related to the future of banking.