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Our team, nearly 200 specialists, delivers IT solutions that are reliable like an Audi and impressive like a Porsche.

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We are a key tech partner, established across markets with long-lasting customer relations.

We integrate IT systems, optimize processes, modernize tech environments and create original, innovative solutions. We set up trends in open banking field, delivering groundbreaking products for fintech sector. Thanks to our R&D moves, as well as expanding onto more demanding customers, our know-how is constantly growing. We stand tall, facing every challenge, in which our expert knowledge plays a key part.


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Our technology stack

With proven and tested cutting-edge technologies, we will help you achieve even the most ambitious business goals. We use:

Microsoft Azure


It is the people who make this company. Your growth and well-being is as important to us as providing the best solutions, so we will support you in all initiatives and expanding your competencies. We listen, we talk and full of passion for what we do together we build #TeamSavangard every day.

Openness and integrity

Our feedback sandwiches are always served in soft and fluffy bread. In our case, only #nobullshit.

Trust and autonomy

Trust is the basis of our cooperation.

People first!

We believe in our people! Collectively we work for one success.

flexibility and optimization

In Savangard nothing is impossible, you have to wait a while for miracles.

Our job offers

More about us


Savangard is not only work. We focus on integration, not only systems but also team integration, so during the year we meet many times to strengthen the bonds.

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Savangarden Party 2023
Career 4
Start of Savangard Labs 2023
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Career 4
Women’s Day 2023
Career 4
Help for the Animal Shelter
Career 4
Christmas Eve 2022
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Integration trip 2022
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Savangarden Party 2022
Career 4
Career 4
Women’s day 2022
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Christmas Eve 2021
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Halloween 2021
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Completing Savangard Labs 2021
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Integration trip 2021
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EURO 2021
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Remote Christmas Eve 2020
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Integration trip 2020
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Savangard Labs birthday 2020
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Perks & Benefits

Employee benefits

We want you to have a good time working at Savangard, therefore we provide:

Flexible work hours

You adjust your working hours according to your current needs. An emergency pops up for you? No problem – you’ll finish later.

we’re remote friendly

Home Office or Workation – you decide where you work from! If you prefer to work from an office, we also have this option in Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw and Czestochowa.

Individual career paths

We care about your development every day, so we have prepared clearly described career paths. We also use them for evaluation interviews.

Job referral program

If you help to grow Savangard, you can count on a financial bonus, and we will tell you about the details on the first day of work. 😉

Unlimited audiobook access

With frequent travel or on the way to work, you won’t be bored – you can use the dedicated platform and immerse yourself in reading.


We take care of your mental sphere when you need it most, so you can anonymously schedule an appointment with a psychotherapist, paid for by Savangard.

Private healthcare

Your health is important to us, which is why we have a fully paid medical package for you, as well as the option to buy extra care for your family.

Life insurence

We protect you and your loved ones, so you can sign up free of charge for group insurance dedicated to our company, and invite your family to join.

Sports card

Here you won’t forget how Multisport works, and Savangard will pay up to 80% for your sports card regardless of the option you choose.

English lessons

Learn the language on your own through a free platform and during online group meetings with a teacher thanks to SuperMemo.


Regular board game evenings – because, after all, it’s not work alone that a man lives, as well as team-building events for every season. “A little party never killed nobody”.

Coffee snacks and fruit

If you feel like working from the office, there will be fresh fruit waiting for you on Wednesdays, regular donuts, and delicious coffee every day.


“Job at Savangard in the first place is a real opportunity of a career path growth. My adventure began in July 2018. Since then, fuelled by support and trust, I have levelled up my professional qualifications with a promotion. Starting with Administration assistant post through Management office specialist I advance towards Project Management seats.”
Katarzyna Szewczyk
PMO Specialist
“My first steps were taken through Savangard Labs. I’m certain that thanks to colleagues’ help and empathy I managed to reconcile work and studies. Before my arrival, I had never expected I would even share my musical hobbies with workmates. Self-development possibilities and great atmosphere all contributed to my long-term stay at Savangard.”
Piotr Lubaszewski
Integration Developer
“I started my adventure in Savangard as a Business Analyst, but without expert experience in integration. After two years I started as a Software Architect and for the past year I have been Integration Team Leader. As you can see, Savangard gives you a chance to quickly gain new skills and put them to practical use in real projects, and whether you use them or not is up to you.”
Adam Ościłowski
Integration Team Leader

Any questions?
We would love to answer

How long does it take to complete recruitment process?
The whole recruitment cycle usually lasts for around 2 weeks since first contact and consists of 3 stages.
What is your work language?
Though we mainly work in polish, we also have English speaking customers and … a few employees ?
Do you work remotely?
Our job is remote for most of the time, but we have office meetings from time to time.