Is the pharmaceutical  industry innovative? Is the pharmaceutical  industry innovative?

Is the pharmaceutical
industry innovative?

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The second episode of the VISIONERS podcast is a real treat for anyone interested in the pharmaceutical industry and modern technologies in medicine. The guest of the episode is Robert Pławiak, a manager with over 20 years of experience, currently serving as the CTO at Poland’s largest pharmaceutical company, Polpharma. In the interview, Robert Pławiak shares his insights on the dynamic changes in the industry and the significance of technology in drug production and distribution processes.


In today’s episode

    he Role of Technology in Pharmacy

    Technology plays a crucial role in modern pharmacy, and Robert Pławiak understands this perfectly. In the podcast, he details how advanced technological tools, such as machine learning, are revolutionizing drug production and distribution processes. Machine learning allows for the analysis of vast amounts of data, which in turn enables the optimization of production processes, prediction of market needs, and faster response to changing conditions.

    Pławiak emphasizes that automation and digitalization not only accelerate processes but also increase their efficiency and precision. This makes it possible to deliver medications in a shorter time, directly impacting patients’ health. However, despite ongoing automation, Pławiak stresses that key decisions still need to be made by humans. Technology is meant to support, not replace humans, especially in such a sensitive industry as pharmaceuticals.

    Healthcare Ecosystem

    The discussion also touched on the topic of creating an integrated healthcare ecosystem, encompassing various aspects of technology and medicine. Pławiak describes the importance of cooperation between pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers to ensure continuous drug supply. Thanks to advanced IT systems, pharmacies can quickly communicate with wholesalers, allowing for efficient stock replenishment and minimizing shortages.

    Pławiak predicts that in the future, the healthcare ecosystem will be even more integrated, enabling better coordination and efficiency. This could include everything from patient data management, monitoring inventory levels, to tracking therapy effectiveness. Such an ecosystem has the potential to significantly improve the quality of healthcare and increase medication accessibility for patients.

    Innovation and Safety

    Innovation is at the heart of modern pharmacy, but it also brings many challenges. Pławiak discusses in detail how Polpharma approaches innovation, paying special attention to safety issues. Every new drug and technology must undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are not only effective but also safe for patients.

    Pławiak notes that there is no room for compromises in pharmaceuticals when it comes to people’s health. Even the smallest mistakes can have serious consequences, so every stage of drug production is closely monitored and controlled. Polpharma invests significant resources in research and development to ensure their products meet the highest quality and safety standards.

    Personal Passion and Experience

    Robert Pławiak is not only an experienced manager but also a man with passion. In the podcast, he shares his love for golf, which helps him maintain a balance between professional and personal life. Pławiak believes that passions and interests outside of work are crucial for maintaining mental and physical health, which in turn translates into better work efficiency.

    His over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry gives him a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities this field brings. Pławiak talks about his career path, key moments in his career, and how his experiences have shaped his approach to management and innovation. His story is an inspiration for anyone looking to develop in the pharmaceutical industry and strive for excellence in their work.


    Don’t miss the chance to listen to a fascinating conversation with one of the leading experts in the pharmaceutical industry. The second episode of the VISIONERS podcast with Robert Pławiak is a dose of knowledge and inspiration that can change your perspective on the pharmaceutical industry and its future. Click here and dive into the world of innovation with Polpharma.