What will the work of  accountants look  like in the future? What will the work of  accountants look  like in the future?

What will the work of
accountants look
like in the future?

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The VISIONERS podcast is a new venue where we talk to people with a fresh perspective on technology and its future. In the first episode of the VISIONERS podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Sebastian Bobrowski, co-founder of inFakt.

In today’s episode


    Sebastian Bobrowski is the co-founder of inFakt, a company specializing in providing modern accounting solutions. At inFakt, he serves as the CTO, responsible for the technological side, making him the ideal guest to discuss innovations in this field.


    During the podcast, Sebastian talks about the beginnings of inFakt, sharing details about the challenges they faced early on. He also describes how they successfully implemented modern technologies, such as microservice architecture and machine learning, which have revolutionized everyday accounting processes. The discussion focuses on key technological aspects that have been fundamental to the company’s development and on the vision of the future of technology in accounting.


    Sebastian also shares his thoughts on the unique features of inFakt that set them apart in the market. The company emphasizes innovation and user-friendliness, which are crucial to their success. inFakt strives to ensure that their services are accessible and intuitive for everyone, regardless of their level of technological expertise. He also mentions the implementation of Whizzapi – a product from Savangard – which allows their clients to connect their bank accounts to their inFakt account and application. The next step in implementing Whizzapi at inFakt will be enabling direct payments from the application.


    The conversation also covers the challenges Sebastian and his team had to overcome during the company’s development and his perspectives on the future. He emphasizes the importance of adapting to changing market and technological conditions to maintain competitiveness.


    The first episode of the VISIONERS podcast with Sebastian Bobrowski is an inspiring conversation that shows how a passion for technology and innovation can contribute to a company’s success. As the co-founder of inFakt, Sebastian shares valuable insights on running a business that combines accounting with technology and its development directions.

    We invite you to listen to the full episode to learn more about inFakt and Sebastian’s visions for the future of technology in accounting.