What makes the  Middle East so unique? What makes the  Middle East so unique?

What makes the
Middle East so unique?

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In the latest episode of the VISIONERS podcast, the guest was Rami Kichli, Senior Vice President for the Middle East & Turkey at Software AG. The conversation took place during the GITEX 2023 trade show in Dubai, where Rami shared his insights on the evolution of digital transformation and the future of technology.

In today’s episode

    Transformation 1.0 to 3.0: Digital Evolution

    Rami Kichli began the discussion by introducing the concept of Transformation 3.0. He explained that Transformation 1.0 was about discovering what could be done in terms of digitization. Then, Transformation 2.0 focused on creating the technological foundations that enabled further development. With Software AG’s involvement in building these foundations, many financial institutions and cities were able to embark on their digital transformations.

    Openness to Change

    During the conversation, Kichli emphasized the great openness to change in the Middle East region. He noted that changes are not perceived negatively; on the contrary, they are eagerly embraced. Many companies and institutions in the region aspire to be pioneers in their fields, which drives strong innovation impulses.

    The Role of Software AG

    In the interview, Rami Kichli highlighted how Software AG helps its clients manage digital transformations. The company supports the creation of technology hubs that manage financial and urban operations, enabling the implementation of modern technological solutions.

    GITEX 2023: Innovation Hub

    The GITEX trade show in Dubai has become a platform where innovators from around the world present the latest technologies and solutions. During the interview, Kichli spoke about the significance of GITEX as a meeting place for technology industry leaders and the opportunities these meetings bring for the region’s development.


    The episode with Rami Kichli provided valuable insights into current trends in digital transformation and the future of technology in the Middle East region. Thanks to the engagement of Software AG and openness to change, this region is on a solid path to becoming a leader in digitization.

    Watch the Episode

    We invite you to watch the full interview with Rami Kichli on our website and join the discussion on the future of digital transformation.