Implementation of Edig@s messages over AS4 protocol

Implementation of Edig@s messages over AS4 protocol

Learn more about Edig@s messages over AS4 protocol.

Savangard is at the stage of acceptance tests for a pilot implementation of an IT solution that allows exchange of EDIG@S messages over AS4 protocol. The solution is working on top of Software AG webMethods ESB platform with B2B module. By using the latest version of webMethods platform, which is certified by the Drummond Group, the solution built by Savangard adheres to the ENTSOG recommendations related to the EU Directive 2015/710 accepted on 30th of April 2015 to establish the Interoperability and Data Exchange Code.

The current list of certified IT solutions along with reports on performed tests can be found on the Drummond Group’s website:


Production launch of the solution is planned for the beginning of May 2016.

AS4 (Application Statement 4) is a standard that describes secure and reliable method of sending messages over internet. The protocol was built on a foundation of proven solutions such as HTTP and SSL protocols and cryptographic functions.

Aiming to create one common standard, Internet Engineering Task Force designed the AS4 – secure and reliable protocol which uses generally available internet connections. AS4 is a profile aligned with the OASIS EBMs 3.0 specification and represents open standard for secure B2B documents exchange using web services. Secure exchange of documents is ensured by WS-Security parameters such as encryption and digital signatures for XML documents. Document types sent using AS4 are not linked to any predefined SOAP action or operation. AS4 protocol was declared a standard in 2013.