TAURON Product Service Platform

Web portal for exchanging product information with business customers.

Project goals

Effective purchasing platform

Developing a platform to support the purchase of electricity and other energy-related products for business customers of TAURON Sprzedaż sp. z o.o.

Sales Process Support

Support of sales and post-sales processes within the stock exchange products offered by TAURON Sprzedaż sp. z o.o.

Execution of Purchasing on TGE

Implementation of processes for the handling of electricity, gas and property rights purchase contracts settled based on the prices of the Polish Power Exchange (TGE).

Platform Access Management Panel

Management of access rights to the TAURON Product Service Platform for internal and external users.

Business Contract Management

Verification of the level of contracting of TAURON Sprzedaż sp. z o.o. business customers.

System Integration

Integration with TAURON Group domain systems and external systems (TGE).

About the customer

TAURON Sprzedaż is one of the main companies of the TAURON Group. It sells electricity to individual customers, small and medium-sized enterprises, businesses, and institutional customers. More than 5.6 million customers nationwide use the electricity sold by TAURON Sprzedaż every day.

TAURON Sprzedaż also offers services and modern technologies in the fields of photovoltaics, heating, and energy efficiency improvement.

Table showing the customer’s concluded contracts with Tauron Group


The first phase of the project involved a thorough review of TS’s business needs, including an analysis of implementation details. This stage of meticulous analysis made it possible to precisely define requirements and priorities, which provided a solid basis for starting development work. Simultaneously with the analysis process, Savangard was actively involved in preparing the appropriate environment in TS’s infrastructure, ensuring optimal conditions for effective project implementation.

Then, according to the established specifications, work on user interface design began. UX design was carefully considered, taking into account not only aesthetics but most importantly, functionality and intuitiveness of use, as well as TAURON Group’s visual standards. The design team focused on creating an interactive and user-friendly environment, with an eye on optimizing business processes.

Once the UX design phase was completed, the technical implementation proceeded, implementing the finished solution. During this process, Savangard actively participated in UAT (User Acceptance Testing) support, ensuring ongoing availability of the necessary resources and providing the necessary consultation. Parallel to functional testing, training on the use of the Platform was also conducted for TAURON Sprzedaż employees to ensure smooth implementation of the solution and effective use of the new infrastructure.
Contracting chart


As a result of a professional analysis of business needs and a carefully designed user interface, Savangard completed the project, delivering an innovative and effective solution. The implemented system consists of three dedicated applications, optimized for specific groups of users, which enables TAURON Sprzedaż to effectively implement processes related to the sale of energy and energy-related products to business customers. In this way Savangard, meeting the client’s expectations, has introduced a comprehensive tool that streamlines key aspects of TAURON Sprzedaż’s operations.

Technologies used

A list of major technologies to implement a web application project:

TAURON Product Service Platform 1
TAURON Product Service Platform 2
TAURON Product Service Platform 3
TAURON Product Service Platform 4
TAURON Product Service Platform 5
TAURON Product Service Platform 6
TAURON Product Service Platform 7
TAURON Product Service Platform 8
TAURON Product Service Platform 9
TAURON Product Service Platform 10