OGP Gaz-System

OGP Gaz-System

building the Information Exchange System


Client profile: OGP Gaz-System is the Polish national gas transmission operator. OGP Gaz-System’s key task is the transport of gas via the transmission network throughout the country to supply gas to the distribution networks and final customers.

Challenge: building the Information Exchange System, unification of the regional transmission departments.

Action: implementing and launching BAM to monitor business processes and further to integrate processes and systems using webMethods BPMS in areas such as document management, inventory and ERP. Creating ESB enterprise architecture and migration of webMethods platform components to the latest version.

Effect: Gaz-System gained the ability to collect and publish up-to-date information on transmitted gas and transmission capacities. We are currently in charge of maintenance and development on ESB.

Client: OGP Gaz-System

Category: ESB, BAM, B2B, ARIS, BPM, EDI, EDIG@S, AS4

Team of 6 consultants

SLA based 2nd and 3rd level support and monitoring