B2B E-commerce Integration

B2B E-commerce integration.
Elkem Silicones.

Tailored to customer needs, the E-commerce platform designed to improve the quality of customer service and transaction performance.


full integration with ERP systems

reducing total order cycle time from 45 to 15 sec.

improving the quality of customer experience

order management optimization


Customers expect more personalized and more intuitive solutions. Elkem Silicones as the largest metallurgical silicone producer in the world and rapidly growing, innovative and competitive company always wants to meet their clients’ needs. Intuitive order handling, optimization of the sales process and cost reduction are the main goals that have been set before the project implementation.

The implementation of the E-commerce project for the chemical industry is one of the pioneering solutions on the market. The client should have access to all products (the offer had to be integrated with several sources) and at the same time be able to finalize the transaction in the shortest possible time.


Elkem together with Savangard and ChemChina began the implementation of the E-commerce platform project in July 2018. The main challenge was the integration between the E-commerce of the Chinese branch Elkem Silicones and ERP systems. Project included developing interfaces (receiving, mapping and transmitting customers data, products and shipments). A crucial was infrastructure optimization. Communication time between systems should be shortened as much as possible. COrder processing time has been reduced from 45 to 15 seconds.

The platform includes order management modules, plans, logistics, invoice management and marketing. This is another step to improve the digitization of purchases and one of the pioneering solutions in the area of E-commerce B2B in the chemical industry. At this point, e-commerce operates on the Chinese market, but in subsequent stages of projects, the system is to expand to include more customers and ultimately become a global service.



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