Implementation of
Savangard Open Banking

In pursuit of Open Banking enablement and setting up trends in the Gulf region Kuwait Finance House reaches for Savangard Open Banking Solution.

Main goals

Foundation guidelines for Kuwait’s first Open Banking implementation

Delivery and installation of top-notch open banking platform

Open Banking API implementation

Deployment process

In the first phase of the project, Savangard assessed the client’s readiness to implement Open Banking. Most of meetings and workshops took place to raise awareness in that particular area, in consequence, paving the way to provide its enforcement.

Then the elementary implementation phase began, the main goal of which was to reproduce the guidelines in the API prepared for Kuwait Finance House (KFH). Step by step, components of Savangard Open Banking powered by Software AG were prepared and integrated with the Client’s environment. Followed by User Acceptance Tests during which the Savangard team provided necessary aid.


Entering an entirely new business area in the Middle East was the biggest challenge. The differences between the European approach were noticeable at every turn. The Savangard team rose to the occasion having many successful open banking projects under our belt, was able to use its experience adjusting to the new situation.


One of the biggest risks was the uncertainty related to the preparation of guidelines that are, in a way, the foundations for open banking regulations in the region. On one hand, the lack of regulations allowed for the best product fit to the client’s needs, but on the other, it required such preparation of the implementation that the established rules were as close as possible to the potential regulations prepared by Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK).

The final

With the first TPP’s already onboarded KFH became the first bank in Kuwait to implement an Open Banking system. In consequence it joined the avant-garde, shaping the landscape of banking in the Gulf region.

Regardless of CBK regulations expected by banks in Kuwait, KFH will be ready to adapt to new requirements in shortest time possible. However, no adjustment work may be necessary as the Savangard Open Banking powered by Software AG technology has been prepared with the utmost care and in line with the forecasts of future regulations.

Savangard aims to shape the Open Banking future in the region. We have all the ambition and ability to lead the way as pioneers in that branch as we have already proven.
“It’s not a secret that Open Banking would be a revolution in how we perceive the banking sector. Exposure of API, consent management, Third Party Providers management are only a few of the examples of challenges that bank has to face. Savangard Open Banking addresses all of these issues, product implemented by a highly experienced team and professional legislation expertise perfectly fits our needs. I can recommend cooperation with Savangard as a trustworthy and reliable IT partner. “
Khaled Al Othman
Manager IT
Kuwait Finance House

Technologies used:

Technologies we used to deploy this project.

Spring Boot