Antimalware in a mobile banking application

Antimalware in a mobile banking application.
Credit Agricole.

Implementation of software protecting from malware attacks


the highest level of security

reduction number of unauthorized transactions form clients accounts

solution easy to consume


Cyber attacks are one of the main threats to which customers (especially online banking and mobile applications users) are exposed. Credit Agricole as one of the leading innovative banks on the Polish market introduces pioneering solutions to provide its clients with the highest possible level of protection.

One of the types of threats to which customers are exposed is malware. When the device is infected user is exposed to attack e.g. unauthorized transfer funds from the customer’s account. The main goal of the project was reducing numbers of attacks to a minimum level.


Savangard in cooperation with the bank and Finanteq implemented the anti-malware module ina CA 24 Application. Before starting application checks if there is no virus installed on the device. After the infection is detected, the application’s activity is stopped until the malware is removed. This solution has been nominated for the prestigious Mobile Trends Award 2019 .

„”The security of our clients’ funds and their data is a priority for us. That’s why we’ve added functionality to the CA24 Mobile application that will help detect malware on mobile device. This will significantly reduce the number of the “malware” attacks, i.e. using an unauthorized transfer of funds from the customer’s account. “.” Beata Mikołajczyk, Credit Agricole.




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